Supra Integrates First Ever Oracle Data Feed and Verifiable Randomness on ApeChain

17 May 2024

Supra, a leading provider of verifiable randomness services and oracle data feeds across over 80 blockchains announced its integration with ApeChain. As a result, Supra is the first protocol to use verifiable randomness and oracle price feeds on the new Layer 3 on Arbitrum.

GameFi, DeFi, and other decentralised applications on ApeChain will benefit from improved real-time data accessibility, enhanced functionality, and expedited decision-making thanks to Supra's oracle price feeds protocol, the Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA). Supra's decentralised Verifiable Random Function (dVRF) will also produce verifiable and decentralised randomness for ApeChain dApps, guaranteeing the integrity of random results in prize draws, blockchain games, and other situations where complete transparency is necessary to uphold confidence.Supra is excited to announce its integration with ApeChain. Supra is a leading provider of verifiable randomness services and oracle data feeds across over 80 blockchains. As a result, Supra is the first protocol to use verifiable randomness and oracle price feeds on the new Layer 3 on Arbitrum.

Delivering Essential Data to dApps

Supra's novel oracle data feeds significantly improve the possibilities of smart contracts by offering safe access to outside data that Web3 dApps require. With more than 475 active price feeds and counting, DORA is built to effectively validate and transmit real-world data to deterministic blockchain networks. Delivering comprehensive security guarantees together with high-quality price feeds is ensured by its resilience to Byzantine corruption, protection against potential node collusion, and Layer-1 grade security. Supra accommodates the various requirements of dApps by supporting both push and pull models.

Supra provides robust security assurances and remarkable performance speeds for its data streams, all powered by the Supra Moonshot Consensus protocol. The Moonshot Consensus system, with 500 millisecond optimistic finality and roughly 530K transactions per second throughput, was tested extensively throughout the world.

Ensuring Trust with Verifiable On-Chain Randomness

Supra's dVRF protocol, which builds on DORA's advantages, uses decentralised, verifiable randomness to meet the requirement for unpredictable outcomes in dApps. For Web3 game developers, who need to ensure the integrity and unpredictable nature of random results in situations such as competition matchups and prize draws, this is essential. By enabling dApps to produce easily verifiable random outcomes, Supra's on-chain verifiable randomness generator contributes to increased community trust.

ApeChain: Setting New Standards for GameFi

Built on Arbitrum, ApeChain is a specialised Layer 3 solution intended to serve as the cornerstone of the Ape community and foster the expansion of ApeCoin. Located where NFTs and gaming converge, ApeChain's specialised infrastructure will support many new games and protocols inside the ApeCoin ecosystem, guaranteeing a seamless and effective gaming experience.

GameFi and metaverse decentralised apps have shown a great deal of interest in ApeChain, which has raised the need for trustworthy data oracles that offer up-to-date off-chain data. To guarantee fairness, gaming apps also need verifiable on-chain randomness. Game developers using ApeChain may create more immersive experiences with improved performance by utilising Supra's dVRF and oracle data feeds.

“Supra is pioneering solutions with integrations across all major ecosystems and will now empower ApeChain through Bridges, Oracles, Automation, and Randomizers. The ApeCoin DAO eagerly anticipates the innovative creations that builders will craft, leveraging Supra’s best-in-class stack for games, DeFi, and beyond!”

— Hervé Larren, ApeCoin DAO Special Council and co-author of ApeChain.

ApeChain wants to speed up the widespread use of GameFi by collaborating with Supra to provide more dependable data and foster trust through outcomes that are assured to be verifiably fair.

What Is Supra

Supra is a top vendor of verifiable randomness services and oracle price feeds across more than 80 blockchains. Supra works as an

vertically integrated L1, offering robust security guarantees along with high-quality, low-latency data and randomness across Web 3. It is compatible with MoveVM chains, Bitcoin L2s, EVM L1s, L2s, and L3s dApps.

With an emphasis on scalability, security, and quick transactions, Supra offers a full developer toolkit along with in-depth manuals and technical whitepapers. Accompany Supra on its journey to see its expansion, creativity, and engagement with the community.

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