New Mobile App Update: Version 2.01 Just Landed ✈️

15 May 2024

Hey Hackers!

Less than two months after launching version 1.9 of HackerNoon’s mobile app, we're thrilled to unveil the much-anticipated 2.0 version!

Let us introduce you to our new features ⬇️

Download or update the app from the Apple App Store here and Google Store here.

Full Poll Power: Seamlessly Integrated Across Your Mobile Experience

The 2.0 Version has brought HackerNoon’s original polling data, and active technology polls, into The HackerNoon App to help you stay on the pulse of the internet’s trends. Stay in the loop with the latest tech discussions, cast your vote, and contribute your insights to poll topics—all from your phone!

Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the homepage

  2. Scroll down, and tap on "Poll of the Week"  - this will lead you to a collection of completed polls.

  3. When you see a topic you want to elaborate on, just click “✏️about the results” and it will direct you to a fully editable draft.

Once, on the draft page, you can change your title, add images, and write and structure your content however you like - plus, you can add all the story settings and submit your article for review without having to turn on your computer 😎

Protip: When you see a topic you want to elaborate on, such as this one, simply click “✏️about the results” and it will direct you to a fully editable draft. You can also create a new draft on the web versions of HackerNoon polls as well! Simply search for any polls in our Poll database and click on “Write about the results” to get to a new draft with polls results in the feature image.

This leads us to the next update…

Improved Writing Experience

This release also includes major improvements to the mobile writing experience. We added hundreds of story templates to make it easier to start writing and made the headline story function more like Apple Notes and Google Keep, editable in the story draft itself and within story settings.

Breakthrough ideas can come from tiny keyboards!

Faster Authentication and User Settings

Last but not least, we also improved and sped up authentication to save you a few precious moments upon opening the HackerNoon App, and changed the user tab so that once you tap it, you’ll get instantly directed to your user profile where you can easily update your information or navigate to settings. Check it out for yourself:

Keep the feedback coming! We’ll keep improving!

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