Meet Timescale: HackerNoon Company of the Week

13 May 2024

A very warm welcome to another Company of the Week feature! Every week we share some cool stuff about a tech company from our database, making their evergreen mark on the internet. This unique HackerNoon database ranks S&P 500 companies and top startups of the year alike.

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This week, we present our business blogging partner Timescale - the modern cloud platform built on PostgreSQL for time-series, events and analytics. Raising a whopping $110 Million in series 3 back in 2022 and valued at over $1 Billion, Timescale has shown amazing growth in just a few years!

Meet Timescale: #FunFact

Do you know that Timescale rebranded itself from database company with a cloud product to a cloud company with a database product in 2023? The Timescale cofounders Ajay Kulkarni and Mike Freedman shared their thought process behind the decision in their company announcement:

"We first launched Timescale over six years ago. In those years, we had a front-row seat to a major shift in developer needs to the cloud. Back then, cloud was an afterthought, just one way to deploy database software. But today, we see the dominance of cloud-first architectures, where developers often choose not between database software products but between database cloud products. By continuing to embrace the cloud, we have an opportunity to reinvent the database Working with thousands of companies, we have realized this: the cloud is a tectonic shift in how software infrastructure is distributed and consumed, and we are still in the early stages of this change. By continuing to embrace the cloud, we have an opportunity to reinvent the database."

Timescale has published 10 stories via HackerNoon Business Blogging Program, and has generated 5 months, 1 day, and 59 minutes of reading time so far! Here are our top 3 favorite stories by Timescale:

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